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Work with Wine in the UK

We have over 20 years of experience in the UK wine-trade. We have covered Sommelier roles in some of the top Wine Bars and Michelin Star Restaurants in London. We also covered roles in Retail and Wholesale, within small independent businesses and companies with over £60m turnover per year.

We therefore have plenty of connections and contacts across the wine industry in London, and other major cities in England and Scotland.

Do Level 2 or Level 3 with us and we’ll help you get a wine job related with a week.

  • England has a big drinking tradition but produce very little wine, which has helped to widen the choice of wine in the city
  • There are trade tasting almost every day not just for wine but spirits too
  • You will be exposed to all the many different wine styles from around the world
  • L2 will get you started, and L3 will get you a position in top wine bars or restaurants
  • We can also help you get jobs in retail and wholesale
  • These job opportunities will expand horizons personally and professionally
  • We will also give logistic advice, on how to get accommodation for instance
  • Take a look at this article below from Jancis Robinson MW


Pre Book

Alternatively, you can email us at info@victorhugowineschool.com