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I am so happy I made the decision to join the Level 2 WSET course with Hugo. Although I was apprehensive at first, Tuesday nights at Albertine fast became my favourite night of the week. Hugo is an excellent teacher and managed to combine just the right degree of challenge and fun. He has given me a greater understanding of familiar favourites and introduced unfamiliar grapes and styles that I had previously passed over. I now approach tasting a new bottle with more interest and excitement than I have done for years. Although the course is challenging, I learned so much about the wine-making process and the grapes associated with different regions that I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone. Thank you, Hugo.

Donna Goodfellow


Hugo is a fantastic teacher. I learnt so much during the course, both within and further to the syllabus, and every class we had was fun and interesting. I wouldn’t have been able to get Distinction without him, nor had such a good time doing it. Thanks Hugo!

Harry Al-Adwani

Actor & Wine Lover

The Victor Hugo Wine School WSET 2 course was simply fantastic. Hugo made learning about wine and spirits both fascinating and fun, as well as thoroughly educational. He always had time to discuss any questions students had and selected some delicious and interesting wines and spirits for the class to taste each week. I couldn’t recommend the Victor Hugo course more. Looking forward to get onto level 3!

Declan Morrison

Co-Founder ‘SORN’

Hugo is above all an amazing personality. His calmness, kindness and patience along with his in-depth knowledge of wine, his determination for finding always the right answer in any question makes him an excellent teacher.  His guidance, recommendations, suggestions and his tasting skills have helped me in my difficult pursuit of the WSET Level 4 Diploma. With his help I have achieve very good marks on my Diploma exams.

Iro Koliakoudakis

Sommelier & Wine Project Coordinator at La Grotta Boutique Wine Hotel

Hugo has excellent taste in wine, we went to many tastings together and he has kindly helped me with his advice and knowledge to always have interesting wines on our list.  We share a similar enthusiasm for small domains who respects nature and are truthful to their terroirs. He is a patient and skilled educator and has helped me to train my staff. I have learned a great deal myself from him and I value his opinion about wines greatly. I would highly recommend Hugo as a teacher if you want to study wine with WSET at any level, he has the perfect mix of professionalism and fun in his teaching and training and his passion for wine is highly contagious!

Roberto Freddi

Chef patron ‘Albertine Wine Bar’

Hugo has a great approach when training and helped me tremendously when getting into wine at Fulham Wine Rooms. Hugo is a great guide for anyone pursuing knowledge in wine. He takes time to really help those who are keen to develop as best they can. Truly energetic with his approach to wine Hugo is also a calm, thoughtful and diplomatic taster.
An inspiration, without Hugo my passion for wine would not have been what it is today.

Richie Twentyman

Assistant Head Sommelier ‘Dinner by Heston’