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Sherry Academy

Sherry Seminar

Learn about Jerez – Xérèz – Sherry

Sherry is a wine style that is defined by the processes used during maturation. The solera system, biological ageing or oxidative ageing, are not unique to this region. However, it is in Jerez where these very old practices would be of most importance.

Sherry Wines have sensory characteristics whose variations and nuances are very particular and different from any other wine in the world. Yet, it is a wine widely misunderstood.

This seminar will disentangle the confusion the different styles the Sherry wines pose us with, by learning its history, its winemaking and by tasting this captivating wine.

  1. Introduction to the History of Sherry and Denominations of Origin
  2. Viticulture
  3. Vinification/Flor
  4. Tasting
  5. Sherry Ageing/Solera System
  6. Tasting
  7. Sweet Sherries
  8. Session on V.O.S and V.O.R.S
  9. Tasting
  10. Food and Sherry Pairing
  11. Exam
  12. End of Course

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